Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

Caffe Migliore Coffee. 156 Alma Rd, Padstow. Unless you’re quite familiar with Padstow, you’ll be unaware of a second group of shops, away from the train station, closer to the Padstow Heights part of the suburb. In this small batch of shops, a new building has emerged in the last year, and last week this cafe opened up, so I thought I’d have a look.

Where the magic happens - Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

The fit-out is a beautiful one – lots of concealed lighting – the green lights in the photo above were blue on my first visit, so this is some kind of coloured LED lighting. The menu is cheaper than I was expecting – you can sit in with sourdough toast and a long black for $8, but they have a full kitchen at the back and will prepare eggs or more complicated fare, and there’s the expected sweet treats on offer as well.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the coffee, but I’ve been enjoying it; it’s all ground to order, and my long black comes out with a healthy crema: a good sign indeed.

A welcome addition to the range of cafes in the area. Open 6am-5pm every day.

La Bahsa, Newtown

La bahsa, Newtown

Caffe Migliore coffee. 233 King St, Newtown. It’s perhaps unfair to call this place a cafe: first and foremost their specialty is Lebanese cuisine, and at the time of review I was only there to grab a late-evening decaf.

The decaf coffee here (there’s no decaf grinder) was a little weak: more like a glass of milk than a cup of coffee, but certainly pleasant enough as the coda to a meal.

Fabrik, Surry Hills

Caffe migliore coffee. Reservoir at, surry hills. Big tables, this is

a place to relax in the shade and take in some food and a coffee. The

crowd here is mostly suits and nearby workers, with the staff being

comfortable with their regulars, and friendly with newcomers like


The decaf latte is good, unusually full-flavoured, a good temperature

for easy drinking. Worth a visit.

Chatz corner, hurstville

Caffe migliore coffee. Next to a tiny park: more like a patch of grass, really, is this hurstville institution. Salad bar, snacks, sandwiches, and coffee, and a place to sit outdoors – a rare treat in this town. Staff are enthusiastic and happy, though they don’t get my order exactly right.

Coffee is as you would expect: the decaf is stored in a clear plastic container, so it’s not the freshest, even for pre-ground. Though I order a latte, they give me a cappucino, so the chocolate dust masks much of the flavour. Not too bad.

Lobby café at 276, Sydney

Caffé migliore coffee. A ray of architect-driven sunshine in a dark part of pitt st. Big range of breakfast options, and lots of choices for reading material. Suits galore, and some other government workers: uniforms you don’t expect to see in the city.

Coffee is hot, but thin, and the taste is not quite right for migliore; more processed robusta than the high-quality coffee that I was hoping for. 4/10