The loft café, Bondi Junction

Caffe musetti coffee. In an enviable location within bondi junction westfield, this is a place to take a break from designer shopping and catch your breath. Order at the counter and take a table number back to your choice of couches, stools or even outdoor table and chairs.

Coffee is a while in coming, but arrives at the table complete with an individually wrapped chocolate coated coffee bean: i’ve never seen them individually wrapped before! The lattes are better with full-cream milk: the skim comes out a bit flat, muting the flavour of the coffee, but still keeps a good aftertaste.

Café Del Trio, North Sydney (new owners)

Caffe Musetti coffee. 121 Walker St, North Sydney. New owners, and now a new brand of coffee. Today they’re settling in to the new brand, so the coffee is free! They also have a new range of cards; buy five, get one free.

A rep from Musetti keeps adjusting the machine, which slows down their normally prompt service. The staff are welcoming and helpful, ever keen to explain the menu.

Coffee is disappointing; where once a different brand made the coffee stand out, it’s now merely ordinary: perhaps this is opening day jitters: let’s hope so.