Le Pain Quotidien, Bondi Junction

Le Pain quotidien, Bondi Junction
Neoma organic coffee. Level 4, Oxford St bridge Bondi junction Westfield.

Despite the somewhat painful antics of the well-to-do patrons ahead of me in the queue, the wait is bearable. Seating for around 40, including communal tables on either side, is provided overlooking Oxford St, and there are wine and cheese tastings every thursday at 4pm, for $10 per head.

On the Sunday lunch shift there are 10 staff working away, including 2 on the coffee machine. There’s a decaf grinder, but instead, the decaf is sourced from an open takeaway container, so I’m not optimistic about the flavour.

Sure enough, milk dominated and lacking in flavour: if anything, the shot itself is watery.

Great range of breads and pastries, but the decaf is to be avoided.

Le Pain Quotidien, Surry Hills

Le Pain Quotidien, surry hills

Neoma coffee – their own blend. 414 Bourke Street, Surry Hills. Forget the friendly staff, the French accents, even the wooden shelves and two sizes of latte bowl. What this place has thatsets it apart is space. Big communal tables (yes, more than one) that seat as many as 20. This is an unheard of luxury in Surry Hills: if you’re looking for somewhere to spread out and be looked after, this is the place.

Coffee is quite good. A generous serving size for the large; suitably
milky with a hint of sweetness. Two different sizes of latte bowls are on offer: the large is enough coffee to provide a very pleasant start to the day.

A range of French pastries are baked on the premises, and can be combined with a choice of preserves.

berkelouw.cafe, Leichhardt

Neoma coffee. 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt. Attached to the bookshop of the same name, there’s a choice of outdoor / street frontage seating or indoor air-conditioned seating. On this 37 degree day, we choose the latter. A little expensive compared to nearby coffee suburbs. Concrete floors, and the tables (order and pay at counter) probably need more regular cleaning.

Coffee is pleasant; good temperature, medium strength. Nothing special about it flavour-wise, but neither is it offensive.

Dj interior design café, Leichhardt

Neoma coffee. A lone sandwich board on Parramatta Rd draws attention to this café, with outdoor seating for 8, and indoor seating for six or so. A range of lunch options, a couple of breakfast menu options, and a few staff buzzing around.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, and is thin, a little on the cool side, and tastes a little too sweet, with a hint of over-processing: not quite what I was expecting.