The Angry Fix, Chippendale

Angry Fix, Ultimo

Numero Uno Coffee. 83 Regent St, Chippendale. A little off the beaten track, but likely to see some good foot traffic as the local cafe when Sydney Central apartments come online. This is one of those places that cares deeply about coffee: they have naked portafilters, and a very narrow range of menu items – mostly sweet things, but with a few sandwiches thrown in for good measure.

Coffee is really good – I haven’t had great experiences with Numero Uno before, but whether they’ve lifted their game, or it’s just the extra attention to detail given here, it’s worth a look. No decaf, though: they’re not prepared to offer it, as they can’t move enough volume to keep the beans fresh.

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Citti Cafe, Surry Hills

Citti cafe, Surry Hills

Número Uno coffee. 44 Holt St, Surry Hills. Mid-way down a narrow street, with car parking on the street in front, this is a tricky cafe to photograph. Clever use of space inside, with a galley-style kitchen, a mirror on the back wall to make the indoor space seem larger, and strategically positioned menus and crockery, this place is a little larger than a whole in the wall, but seems a lot larger.

Decaf is retrieved from a cupboard, it’s sealed in a takeaway container, having been ground a long while ago (presumably). The coffee for that is fine: it’s milky, well enough made, but – as you’d expect – lacks body.

Friendly staff, though, and a good stop to pause if you’re travelling through Surry Hills.

Heart of Europe, Bondi Junction

Heart of Europe, bondi junction

Numero Uno Coffee. 114 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction. Recommended by a friend, we pull up to this unassuming shop-front and take a seat. The menu has a lot of eastern european flavours – goulash, soups, a ruben sandwich, a salad with smoked pork and other recipes I’m unfamiliar with. I settle on the smoked pork and pear salad, which is fantastic: the food here is really good.

Coffee (yes, another decaf latte) is milky, and very pleasant. A great place to stop for lunch and a coffee.

Croquembouche patisserie, botany

Numero uno coffee. 1635 Botany rd, botany. An unlikely location for a patisserie with na obvious commitment to high quality food, and where the coffee comes highly recommended. The glass walls work impressively to keep the noise out: the outside tables suffer from the noise of traffic.

Coffee is quite ok, but not spectacular: a good temperature, with something of a massive head of foam on top.

More a place to gossip and enjoy than somewhere to accomplish any serious writing.

Pastizzi café, newtown

Numero uno coffee. 523 King St, Newtown. Wooden furniture, lots of natural light, and an impressively friendly owner combine to make a place that’s a pleasure to visit. Specializing in pastizzi, this café usually has options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coffee is good too: separate grinder for decaf, and a good temeprature, well made latte with a well rounded palate.