Blackflower Patisserie, Haymarket

blackflower patisserie, haymarket

Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee. Shop 5, 37 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket. From the creators of Passionflower ice cream and dessert bar comes this new cafe on the edge of Chinatown.

blackflower patisserie, haymarket

It’s these macaroni pyramids that draw me in to have a look at the place – the desserts seem inspired by Adriano Zumbo but with their own approach to naming.

blackflower patisserie, haymarket

Coffee is not the focus of the place, but their decaf is perfectly adequate as a compliment to the desserts.

Have a look at some more of their offerings:

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Dragon Espresso, Chinatown (Sydney)

Dragon Espresso, chinatown
Pablo and Rusty’s coffee. Shop 18, 401-403 Sussex St, Sydney. Downstairs from Happy Chef, I’ve long wondered what the coffee was like, but had never been here at the right time of day – until now!

It’s literally a hole in the wall, with no seating at all, but for the name, I thought I’d include it in the review.

Coffee is handed to me wrapped in a serviette, as if it were an ice
cream cone! It’s a pleasant enough, milky cup – lacking nuance, but
neither burnt nor metallic, which was my fear. Surprisingly good coffee: don’t let first appearances fool you.

Fitzy’s cafe, Sydney

Pablo & Rusty’s premium espresso. Adjacent to the maritime union building, this café has the ambience of a YHA cafe; sunlight, open space, young-style furniture. Staff are efficient, and not unfriendly. Prices are a little high, but not unreasonable.

Coffee is ready fast, it’s a good temperature and easy to drink. Not too complicated in flavour, quite pleasant. 6.5/10.