Santos coffee, wholefooods, sydney domestic terminal (T2)

Santos coffee. Part of the hyper-retail-ising of sydney airport is this little healthfood outlet near baggage collection. Lots of healthy options, and even a range of sandwiches that they’ll toast as you wait for your bags.

Coffee is quite good. Ready in a hurry,and a little too hot, which puts a negative spin on an otherwise good find.

Crave café, Bellevue Hill

Santos coffee. As you’d expect for this hybrid corner store, café and deli, the food is of excellent calibre – the choice of breads alone is worth the journey. Don’t be surprised to see a porsche park in front of the café, grab a takeaway coffee, and drive off.

Coffee is quite good; well presented, promptly made and a good temperature.

Sandwich Scene, Burwood Plaza, Burwood

Santos coffee. Helpful staff, but not as inexpensive as i’d hoped. Mostly a sandwich bar,adjacent to a food court, this place nonetheless has its own seating. The plaza is probably in need of some interior redesign, being the poor cousin to Westfield on the other side of the tracks.

Table service, without taking a number back to the table.

Coffee is made promptly, it’s hot, but still drinkable, and there’s no bitterness. A pleasant surprise. 6.5/10