Sydney Park Kiosk, St Peters

sydney park kiosk, st peters

Schibello Coffee. Sydney Park, St Peters. Near a children’s playground, and next to a dog park, this is an outdoor spot with few parallels. You have the choice of sitting in the sun, or on the shade, there is plenty of scope for kids to run around, and a constant procession of (for the most part) well behaved dogs having the time of their lives.

Kiosk is the operative word – you won’t find tablecloths or fine cutlery here, but there’s a good range of treats for kids and grown-ups, and a steady supply of coffee.

Speaking of coffee – there’s no decaf grinder in sight – it’s quite well made: pleasant to look at, and pleasant tasting (if a little overfrothed on top).

Sapori Di Roma, Burwood

Sapori Di Roma - burwood

Schibello Coffee. 117 Burwood Rd Burwood. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Amazing, delicate pastries, a comfortable, well-apointed interior, and the kitchen dominated by a pizza oven. Open for dinner only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there are pizza slices and other delicacies on sale the rest of the week.

The decaf is pre-ground, and the coffee is served thick and hot – really hot, giving me a chance to try the complimentary biscotti that comes with each cup. Overall, not the best cup I’ve had (decaf doesn’t appear to be their focus), but rather this appears to be a worthy venue for a lunch or dinner.

Mon-Thurs: 7am-6pm
Fri: 7am-10pm

Dolce espresso, Oatley

Schibello coffee. 18 letitia st, oatley. The first thing that strikes you as you enter this indoor/outdoor café is how narrow the building is: so much seating, and a sense of luxury and space is created in a building that is an odd shape. Staff are unintrusive, even with the regulars, who obviously feel welcome, but are there to chat amongst themselves. A good range of breakfast choices on the menu; a little pricey, but reasonable for Oatley.

Coffee is a bit on the stale side: there’s not much crema to be seen on the long black, and the decaf latte (20c extra for the latte, 40c extra for decaf) is drinkable, but not spectacular.

Dolce Espresso, Oatley

Boxa bar, hurstville

Schibello coffee. Concrete floor inside, pavers outside with a few extra seats: a pleasant spot for a coffee, if you can get past the widescreen TV on the wall that is always broadcasting sport.

Coffee takes a while, the large coffee is very large. Not too bad, though the first sip is a high-point. A little thin, but amply drinkable.

Update: June 16, 2009. Revisited this cafe at the suggestion of a reader: the place has been reworked considerably: there’s still a strong boxing theme, including framed photos of Anthony Mundine, and other boxers. The TV now seems less intrusive – it seems to be mounted higher on the wall, and the volume down from previous visits.

I couldn’t actually see a menu on the tables or behind the counter, but I’m told that the menu has been simplified: there were a few tasty-sounding specials written up on a blackboard in one corner.

The biggest improvement was the coffee: I wasn’t expecting a great deal from the decaf, given that there’s no dedicated grinder, but it was really good: just a hint of sweetness on top of an otherwise pleasant cup.

Worth a re-visit.

Sidetracked cart, Circular Quay

Schibello coffee. George st, sydney. Just a cart against the wall of an office building, but there’s usually a queue of people out front, so I thought I’d investigate further. A lifelike toy dog sleeps on a mat in the space where coffees are delivered, and another patron reads a newspaper at the edge of the cart: full use of space is made. Friendly, personable staff take the order efficiently.

Coffee is disappointing. For a decaf latte, it’s weak, even somewhat watery, with a strange aftertaste. Drinkable, but only just.

Chill cafe / restaurant, Newtown

Chill café restaurant, newtown
Schibello coffee. 475 king st. With no discernable signage, this caught my eye – a place I’d never seen before. This place seems to be the master of the fry up; i’ve never seen lambs fry on offer as part of a breakfast special! For the less adventurous, all the usual bacon, sausages and eggs are also on offer.

Coffee takes a while, then arrives in a schibello glass, with a foamy head. As decafs go, it’s okay, but not spectacular.

The strength of this place appears to be its freshly made food, and a breezy place to sit and watch the world go by.

taglio pizza cafe, sydney

Schibello black label coffee. Lots of natural light shines into the high-ceilinged café. Unusually for the city, it has a wood-fire pizza oven, and a choice of pizzas for the interested diner. A large range of breakfast choices including crumpets with ricotta and honey, and even a steak sandwich.

The table service is a little slow during the breakfast rush, as the staff concentrate on the takeaway orders, and fair enough too! Patrons are mostly suits, though the prices are not such that they would drive people away.

The decaf latte is hot; almost too hot to pick up the glass at first, and the latte art is abstract, not free-pour style. The milkwork is a bit thin; it’s a drinkable coffee, but nothing to write home about.

The best part about this place is the decor, and all the light; it’s a very pleasant space.

Short Black espresso bar, Penshurst

Schibello coffee. In a suburb that has a dearth of cafes, short black has managed to pick up a few business awards. Simple, muted colours, a glossy wooden floor, wooden chairs indoors for around 30, and plastic and metal outdoor seating for another 16. There’s a choice of cakes in a glass display, and a number of all-day breakfast options if you miss the 11:30am breakfast cutoff.

Coffee is ground in large batches, not to order, and presents well, though there’s no latte art. It’s a good, drinkable temperature, and though no particular flavours demand to be noticed, it’s a perfectly drinkable cup.

Panzerotti café, Wynyard

Panzerotti café, wynyard
Schibello coffee. A panzerotto is an italian pastry, usually filled with custard, and – if memory serves – coated with sugar. As you’d expect from its name, panzerotti has a few of these pastries on offer, with diverse fillings. Unusually for a city café, they also sell a range of dry pastas and other take-home options.

With five staff behind the counter, and seating for only around 15, this place must do a roaring trade in office-worker takeaway: indeed, their buy-6-get-one-free cards mention that they’ll deliver an order of five or more coffees to the office!

Coffee is regularly ground, though not to order. My decaf is prepared swiftly, and starts out very pleasant. It goes downhill towards the end, but a solid performance.

This is the first café of its size that I’ve seen that has a wheelchair ramp.

Alfie’s on Alfred, Milsons Point.

Schibello coffee. Part sandwich bar, part café. Has a backyard / garden courtyard, closed today due to inclement weather.

Coffee machine is a san marimo: I haven’t seen its like – faux wood panelling! Coffee itself is a pleasant surprise: no bad aftertaste, good temperature and strength! Make sure you try the grilled chicken kebab: very tasty.