Earlwood Luncheonette, Earlwood

Earlwood Luncheonette, Earlwood

Stazione espresso coffee. 2/1 Clarke St, Earlwood. Not a suburb I know well, but a quick scout around reveals this place selling a brand I’m unfamiliar with, and that clinches it for me.

Undistracte by the man filling an ashtray while reading his paper, and the group of middle-aged ladies enjoying their breakfast, I head inside and sit down in the corner, where I can watch this place in action. It’s a Saturday morning, and parents are bringing their little children in for a pre-dance-class breakfast.

For food options there’s a comprehensive sandwich bar, and a range of hamburger and steak sandwiches, plus a daily special: all affordably priced. Cakes and pastries are on display in a separate window.

The place is child-friendly, though there are no high chairs for very small children. It appears to be a popular community meeting spot.

They appear to take their coffee very seriously: there are sacks on the wall, under the air conditioner (as a wall decoration), and bags of beans prominently on display. They even have two grinders, though not one for decaf, which is scooped – preground – from a foil bag.

Despite this, the coffee is made promptly and has a solid, earthy flavour and admirable milk texture: a good effort.

If you’re in the neighborhood, this would be a good place to pause.