Kosmopolitan cafe, Hurstville

kosmopolitan cafe, hurstville

Toby’s Estate Coffee. 65A Gloucester Rd, Hurstville. This place – well outside the main shops of Hurstville – has that relaxing lounge room feeling that tends to be absent in the heart of a Westfield.

kosompolitan cafe - seating at the back, Hurstville

The walls are lined with pictures of various famous places and buildings, enough to provide a talking point for a conversation with a new acquaintance. 

Kosmopolitan Cafe, Hurstville

Coffee is well made: ground to order (even the decaf) and the milk-work is quite good. Worth a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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silver spoon, chippendale

Silver spoon, Chippendale

Toby’s Estate Coffee. 15 Meagher St, Chippendale. I’ve walked past this place any number of times and in the past I think it’s been a catering-only business. More recently I’d noticed the Toby’s sign, and a small number of seats, and thought I’d have a closer look.

Where the magic happens - Silver spoon, Chippendale

Inside, it’s a great use of space, small footprint tables and chairs to allow for quite a few people to sit inside without disturbing one another.

Coffee – a decaf latte – was really pleasant: unusually, the flavour of the coffee cut through the milk. I’d revisit them.

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Website: silverspoon.net.au

Nano Espresso, Surry Hills

nano espresso, surry hills

Nano Espresso Coffee (roasted by toby’s estate). 28 Albion St, Surry Hills. Apart from this sandwich board, I wouldn’t have noticed this place. I saw it on my way to Single Origin roasters, which is only a block away. This is a surprising place to set up a cafe that takes its coffee so seriously – there’s a sense that the coffee purists will be drawn back to Single O.

nano espresso, surry hills

Inside there are all manner of great little touches, the mini cups and saucers, miniature sauces: it’s a quirky, playful space. One wall is covered with astroturf, and there’s a chandelier made of takeaway coffee cups.

nano espresso, surry hills

Staff are friendly – the barista in particular is up for a chat, and the coffee is well made and very pleasant: it even comes with a free chocolate freckle, another good touch. I wish them every success.


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tipple cafe and bar, Surry Hills

the tipple, surry hills

Toby’s Estate Coffee. 26 Chalmers St, Surry HIlls. I read about this place in the Toby’s Estate newsletter, and its proximity to Central station was hard to argue with. A converted (and still functioning) pub, now with additional cafe features. Walk into the pub, or stand on the street to place your order, and sit in a spacious, comfortable place to eat or drink.

interior - the tipple, surry hills

Place your oder, and it will be made quickly and efficiently – they were out of pre-ground decaf, so they made some fresh-ground for me. It’s a well assembled Toby’s drop, worthy of the branding.

where the magic happens - the tipple, surry hills

You might also like to drop in for the $10 pub counter meal lunch: quite a few choices.

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My Caffeine Romance Espresso Bar, Kirrawee

my caffeine romance, kirrawee

Toby’s Estate coffee. 165 Oak Rd, Kirrawee. Spotted this one on the Toby’s Estate newsletter, and took Puff along for a morning breakfast during the Christmas break. A variety of seating options: tall chairs, regular chairs, even couches – it’s an easy place to be comfortable.

menu, my caffeine romance, kirrawee

It’s a fairly narrow group of menu options for main meals, and much better provisioned for snacks.  Staff are friendly, there seem to be a lot of regulars who are comfortable spending long stretches of time. Coffee is a fairly standard Toby’s decaf – I was hoping for something a little more stand-out, but it was pleasant enough. Certainly looks like the best place to buy coffee in the suburb.

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Chicane, Sydney CBD

Chicane, sydney CBD

Toby’s estate coffee. 20 Bond St, Sydney. Really large, licensed restaurant feel indoors, where suited businessmen catch up for lunch and a beer or to split a bottle of wine.

If you’re not in the mood for the full experience, an open window provides access to “chicane express” – takeaway coffees and breakfast and lunch deals.

There’s a decaf grinder, and the coffee is pleasant, well-made with good milk work. A good spot to grab a quick takeaway if you’re in the area.

Cafe Banksia, Sydney CBD

Cafe Banksia, Sydney CBD

Toby’s Estate coffee. 1 Castlereagh St, Sydney. The last time I was drinking coffee here, it was a Hudson’s Coffee franchise store, but now it’s been remodelled. In the corner, two chesterfields with a coffee table, elsewhere are larger tables and benches with stools: there are a range of options for eating in.

They’re selling brasserie bread products – I had a fantastic ham and cheese panini – really good balance between the ingredients: a great breakfast starter.

Not the cheapest cafe in the city – it’s $3.80 for a large takeaway coffee, and then a decaf tax of 50c on top, but they have a decaf grinder, and the coffee comes out with a smooth, earthy flavour. A solid cup, and an elegant, well-lit environment to enjoy it.

Beanscene, Sydney

Beanscene, Sydney Central

Toby’s Estate coffee. Ground floor lobby, 477 Pitt St, Sydney Central. Seating for 16, in a spacious lobby.

There’s a big range of sandwiches and cakes to choose from, and no small amount of beans on sale too. The coffee machine is centre stage, with the cheery staff buzzing around behind it.

Sadly, the coffee is disappointing. It’s very hot, the milk is thin, and there’s a slight burnt taste to it.

Workshop espresso, Sydney CBD

Workshop espresso, Sydney CBD

Workshop coffee / Toby’s Estate decaf. Shop RG01A, the Galeries Victoria, 500 George St, Sydney. Not much bigger than a hole in the wall, opposite the town hall side entrance to the QVB, there are two espresso machines and three grinders, and a kitchen out the back.

Somehow they have crammed in a bench and a series of stools, seating four or five, but their core business is clearly takeaway, and the queue is clearly evident.

The food is a little pricey, but competitive here in the CBD, and the range of sandwiches is broad.

Coffee is very good: the crema is strong, milk is well put together.

Worth a visit: I would say the best coffee on its block.

Kash Cafe, Surry HIlls

Kash cafe, Surry Hills
Toby’s estate coffee. 424 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. This little cafe has a slight disadvantage in location: away from the city, and with its street frontage largely hidden from the sight of pedestrians until they’re in front of the cafe. There’s lots to like about it, though: from the varied menus (at the moment, any place that does a breakfast wrap, let alone a selection of them, has my enthusiasm) to the varied seating options.

No decaf grinder, but a slightly thin, well-prepared cup. The coffee is sufficiently well executed to make it worth a return trip.