Three Ropes, Parramatta

three ropes, parramatta

Umami Coffee. 10A Darcy St, Parramatta. Block out the walk past the train line at Parramatta and you could see yourself in a lane way cafe in Melbourne: this is a good fit-out, and one with attention to detail on the quirky details of interior design.

three ropes, parramatta

They’ve made a lot of a tiny space – I’m not sure I’ve seen a smaller sink for the self-serve water!

three ropes, parramatta

The staff are knowledgeable about their product – we have a long chat about whether to try the house blend as a long black or a macchiato, and they’re only too happy to add in a bit of milk when I realise they’re right, and its strength (tailored for their most popular coffee – a large flat white) is too great without the milk.

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inc cafe, cronulla

inc, cronulla

Umami Coffee. 93 Cronulla St, Cronulla. I’ve been here a couple of times now, in search of somewhere to eat while in Cronulla. And this place fits the bill – they even have high chairs, and bathrooms down the back of the cafe (an unusual feature for the suburb).

rustic interior - inc, cronulla

It’s an unusual space inside – lots of exposed brick and wire, and the chairs have amazing detail work in the upholstery – all around the cafe’s “Ink” theme.

lots to read - inc, cronulla

Their breakfasts are solid: good egg work, and a small, but solid range of choices. Staff are friendly and helpful.

where the magic happens - inc, cronulla

Coffee is surprisingly good: in the town where Grind and other contenders are duking it out for best coffee in Sydney, I didn’t hold out much hope, but the decaf is fresh ground, and a pleasant drop indeed.

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