Montea’s at the Goldsburough, Pyrmont

Voodoo espresso. More of a sandwich shop or corner store than a café, there’s a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. A good range of sandwich fillings are on offer, along with a generous wedge of banana bread for the sweet tooth.

Coffee – there’s no decaf – is passable, but far from great. It is, though, the closest cafe to GlobalSwitch.

Lobby café, NAB Plaza Sydney

Voodoo espresso coffee. A portable café of sorts: one staff member takes the orders, one does the milk, one the shots. After ordering, there are two sides of the café to stand on: one for smokers, one for non-smokers. A better look around reveals that this is the outdoor part of a much more well-appointed cafe in the lobby itself: indeed, this is where the toast emerges from – orders are placed by cordless phone!

Coffee is ready fairly quickly, and it’s a bright, warm latte with no bitterness. There’s not much complexity to it, but it’s a high quality cup for something made outdoors!