Fare “n” Square, Eden

Witham’s coffee. The best place to escape the flies in Eden is indoors, which is something that this café had to offer. On the edge of town, away from the beach, it has a lounge room feel apart from the loud radio that drifts across the indoor space.

The grinder runs as the coffee is being poured; this would limit the freshness of the coffee somewhat.

Coffee arrives moments ahead of the food order, so the delay is no indication of the pace of the café. It’s another latte where the shot has been layered atop the foamed milk, and somehow, this mutes the flavour of the coffee, making it inoffensive if not downright pleasant.

Witham’s coffee, waverton

Witham’s coffee. The smell of burned toast combines with a warm, slightly dark ambience inside, and a range of well-to-do locals outside. Staff are friendly to customers and each other, and a range of somewhat pricey food choices (we are in waverton, after all) compliment a serious range of coffees: this is something of a headquarters for the roaster, after all!

Coffee is a bit on the thin side, but immediately drinkable temperature. First sip not too promising, but improves if you stay with it.