currently drinking: griffiths coffee

I’m giving the aeropress a brief rest from the conga line of different single origins I’ve been drinking this year, thanks to the generous offer of Marc from Griffiths Coffee.

To celebrate the world cup, they have made their “Mundial 14” – a blend of South American coffees (including Brazil) that comes ground in a vacuum-sealed can. If you don’t have access to a grinder, this is a convenient way to get your morning fix, and they clearly have some skills in putting a blend together.

Thanks for the chance to try something different!

drinking: Xavier Coffee

You might remember a couple of weeks back I was buzzing with a rare diversion into drinking caffeinated coffee. The beans in question were from Xavier Coffee. Their Emporio Blend won a bronze medal won a bronze medal in the 2009-2010 Golden Bean roaster awards (milk based coffee category).

The roaster generously gave me a kilo of freshly roasted beans to try out, and I’m pleased to say that their Emporio Signature blend is a very pleasant blend indeed, even after aging for a little while it’s possible to get a good crema out. A couple of days after roasting it doesn’t really work for espresso, but after a couple of extra days to smooth out, the edges come off the roast, the acidity mellows, and it ends up working well as a black coffee.

Where it really shines, though, is in milk. Even fairly fresh from the roasting it’s a smooth, well balanced cup with some excellent flavour, and a pleasant, lasting aftertaste. Suffice to say that if you see this coffee on offer, jump in and try it.

cafe karalis

Enrico over at Cafe Karalis contacted me through my site and asked if he could send me some coffee. I was mid-way through my decaf phase, so I opted to wait a month. It showed up yesterday, so I tried it this morning.

The vacuum sealed can opens with a satisfying hiss of air, and the beans, though not shiny, are still pretty fresh: the photo shown is the crema off the first shot I pulled. I used a standard grind (10 on my sunbeam grinder).

Tasting: there was some mild acidity, and a lot of cocoa in the flavour. It had a thick, syrupy mouthfeel and a pleasant aftertaste. I thought it would have worked better with milk, so I made up a couple of flat whites: as it turned out, it was better as a short black. With milk, it’s an above average, but not exceptional cup. Worth a look!