back to school

I’m spending this week listening to lectures by Carl Trueman on Protestant Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century that also work towards the subject I’m enrolled in – Westminster Confession of Faith. Perhaps you’re surprised, but this is not an area I know much about. It’s likely to be an intense […]

counselling courses for further training

After seven weeks of training in how to do counselling, a number of further training options were mentioned: Grad Dip of Counselling or Masters of Counselling from the Wesley Institute Various Courses from Relationships Australia Diploma and Degree courses at Tabor College Clinical Pastoral Education Advanced diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy from the Australian […]

romans chapter one

Four more hours of Romans today (we finished chapter one!), and another four hours of lectures tomorrow, including our first quiz. The Greek is starting to come back to me: I find myself able to follow – for the most part – what’s going on, and even ask intelligent questions on occasion. At the moment, […]

the end of greek

Greek is over for the year. Today was the final exam. There was a real sense of anxiety in the room before the paper was handed out: people frantically pouring over their notes, reading the passages in English to try and remember key phrases, packed with unfamiliar words. At last, the paper was handed out. […]