Hot dogs for lunch!

Hot dogs for lunch! Originally uploaded by cafedave. Ah, college lunches. After weeks of food from various nationalities, we’re on to one of my guilty favourites: hot dogs. There’s something about hot dogs that sets them apart from all other foods. We were musing at lunch as to what the origin of the hot dog […]

first college essay

While it’s true in some sense that writing an essay is like riding a bike, I wasn’t prepared for how different it is to write a theological essay (compared to writing a multimedia essay). There are a lot more sources to wrap your head around, more complex arguments to keep track of: the outline that […]

update on college

Six weeks into semester already: I’ve now played piano at chapel twice, and set up a few student computers with wireless LAN access. There’s still a lot of reading to do: I’ve read three gospels (Mark on the train to Katoomba, Matthew walking on a treadmill, Luke on an exercise bike), all of Genesis, most […]

orientation day

The strangest time in any course of study is the gap between deciding to do the course, and starting to study. Yesterday was student orientation day at the PTC. Now, i’m even more keen for classes to start.. I understand how to use the library, what subjects make up which degrees, all that is missing […]