tidied backyard

Among other things this weekend, a friend and I spent some time cleaning up the back and front yard. It was good to be outside, and fantastic to have the place back in order.

You can see in the picture what a friend has dubbed the “karaoke stage”. The next project will be to fix up the karaoke stage. I’m grateful for friends who can lend me their skill and hard work – by myself, I wouldn’t know where to begin!

Thanks also to friends who gave me Bunnings vouchers for my birthday – it funded some new tools to help with the project.

DIY garden bed

It doesn’t matter that there are three assignments due next wek, it’s time for another garden update. Long overdue, in fact.

Having found that this particular part of the lawn is a bit hard to reach with the lawnmower, I decided that it would be a good place to put some herbs in. With a working herb garden, we can stop paying the massive price of too many fresh herbs from the supermarket.

So I started digging, took a lot of grass out, and applied some leftover pavers (from the previous owner) to the edge. Here you have the future home of the herbs you can see in the photo (basil, chives, parsley and rosemary), and hopefully a few more.

As a side note, I highly recommend the pots shown in the picture here: they have good drainage, and actually store the water for later use, without needing a tray underneath them.


The key to having a good balcony garden is including a majority of plants that are hard to kill. One of my favourites is this little cactus, although I think I’m enjoying it more as my desktop wallpaper than I do as something I spend time looking at on the balcony.

There’s something very peaceful about having a garden, even one where the noise of traffic can be heard in the background.