Safira Verde, Wolloomooloo

safira verde - woolloomooloo
Lavazza coffee. 63 Crown St., Woolloomooloo. Just around the corner from Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo is this place – eclectic mix of furniture, toys for kids to play with, a series of high chairs, and some signs warning parents to be careful with the furniture. It’s a really pleasant space to spend time, to read one of the books on the shelves, or to catch up with a friend.

where the magic happens - safira verde - woolloomooloo still seems to be in beta a long time after the cafe opened, and so I came in expecting Campos coffee. It wasn’t until after I’d ordered that I saw the Lavazza cups.

You might struggle to find the menu elsewhere online: here’s a shot of the chalkboard. I had the grilled chicken and avocado toasted sandwich – well executed, and recommended.

menu - safira verde - woolloomooloo

Not quite so recommended is the coffee. The decaf is pre-ground and – while all care is spent in putting it together – it’s not something that I’ll be heading back for. The food and the atmosphere is really the winner here.

Monday – Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Saturday: 9am-4:30pm
Sunday: closed

La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

Lavazza coffee. 9 Padstow Pde, Padstow. This casts the mind back to cafes of 10 years ago. Straightforward menu, laminated and spiral bound/ Tiled floor, simple, functional furniture.

The decaf, though, took me utterly by surprise. Not since a cafe up in Kew have I seen 30mL of instant coffee made up, and then foamed milk poured on top: there was no warning, either – it was just “here’s your decaf latte” it made me feel a little ambushed: should I drink it, or pour it out on general principle? Sure, it was only $2.50, and tasted better than some of the decaf coffees I’ve had, but there’s a sense that if you’re ordering a coffee from a cafe, then it’s not okay to be served instant coffee with foam.

Espresso bar, SCG

Lavazza coffee. Near the members, pavilion at the scg. This is an espresso cart in an area where there’s no choice where you buy. Condiments – sugar, artificial sweetener, even the chocolate powder for the cappucini – are self-serve.

Coffees are made pretty quickly. There’s only one size on offer, a single shot. The latte is fairly watery, not great in flavour, but still pretty good. At $3.70, it’s twenty cents cheaper than a bottle of water.

Frendz cafe, West Lindfield

Lavazza coffee. Adjacent to a garden shop, pricey (we’re far enough north to expect that) but healthy and less healty menu options in a good ratio.

Coffee was as expected; not great. The fact that they’d never heard of a ristretto before should have been the warning sign, but my 1pm caffeine headache was getting the better of me. Coffee: 4/10.