, Leichhardt

Neoma coffee. 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt. Attached to the bookshop of the same name, there’s a choice of outdoor / street frontage seating or indoor air-conditioned seating. On this 37 degree day, we choose the latter. A little expensive compared to nearby coffee suburbs. Concrete floors, and the tables (order and pay at counter) probably need more regular cleaning.

Coffee is pleasant; good temperature, medium strength. Nothing special about it flavour-wise, but neither is it offensive.

Dj interior design café, Leichhardt

Neoma coffee. A lone sandwich board on Parramatta Rd draws attention to this café, with outdoor seating for 8, and indoor seating for six or so. A range of lunch options, a couple of breakfast menu options, and a few staff buzzing around.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, and is thin, a little on the cool side, and tastes a little too sweet, with a hint of over-processing: not quite what I was expecting.