This week, I won my first trophy. Sure, I’ve won awards or certificates before, but never a trophy. It wasn’t for anything that I’ve studied, or trained toward either: it was for the costume I wore to the work christmas party. If you know my track record of apathy when it comes to fancy dress, […]

Phone tag

Granted, it’s a distant memory, but I remember how I used to go places and even meet people, and none of us had mobile phones. In “the countvof monte cristo”, the title character makes an appointment, months out, to the hour. Now, we’re increasingly dependent on mobile phones for the smallest trip to the shops, […]


Seven years ago I embarked on a journey that’s still continuing to this day. A journey I wouldn’t change for anything. In other news, today I wore a reflective vest for the first time, to embark on a more mundane journey. Thought I’d point out the similarities.

Night out

On Wednesday night I went out with a friend for dinner and a movie – the first time in quite a while. We even had a couple of gold class vouchers, so we managed to watch the movie in gold class for regular class prices. Granted, gold class is designed as an experience for couples: […]