A busy month

Before the end of October, i’m expecting that I will have:– prepared and preached a sermon on sola fire (faith alone)– completed three assignments for college, including one that requires me to conduct a 30-40 minute marriage counselling session on a role-play couple – If you’d like to help with that, let me know– resumed […]

the first 5000 posts

When you least expect it, a milestone will fly by. WordPress tells me that I’ve now written over 5000 posts on this blog, in the last 8 years. In that time, I’ve used Blogger, Movable Type, and now WordPress, I’ve visited and blogged about over 350 cafes (some of which have closed down), and I’ve […]

random facts meme

For some reason, I’m not often tagged in memes, so even though life is quite busy at the moment, I thought I’d respond to this tagging from bec, and then also by george. Here are the rules of the meme: Link to the person who ‘tagged’ you Post the rules on your blog List 6 […]

the faithful writer

A friend of mine suggests, each time he tries to arrange a weekend catch-up, that perhaps my talk of slowing down is merely rhetoric. Indeed, you could be forgiven for thinking that there are no upcoming projects that require a giant time commitment, based on my schedule. This weekend past, I left work a little […]

curry night

I asked myself many times whether the curry night concept would actually scale, was pleasantly surprised. Would something that worked for two people stretch out when it was ten people all learning to make curries? Would we end up with something edible? Indeed we would. The invitation process was a bit too haphazard: the next […]