Café bolle, neutral bay

Danes coffee. 10-17 young st, neutral bay. A reader mentioned that this place was the original and the best, so I’ve dutifully wandered up to have a look. Inside it’s pretty spartan – somewhere between a café and a takeaway food shop for furniture. Plenty of newspapers are around, amd the radio provides the background noise, drowning out quiet lunchtime conversations.

Coffee has a thick head of foam on it, but is otherwise good: a robust, full bodied flavour – very good for a decaf.

Atomic espresso, neutral bay

Toby’s estate coffee. Shop 3, 148 Wycombe rd, Neutral Bay. A little hole in the wall affair with a galley kitchen in the back, but decorated in true style. Rows of patterned canvases line one wall, and there’s enough light to make the space seem welcoming.

Coffee is made quickly, the decaf pre-ground, the milk a little thin, but still pleasant enough.

Benny boyd’s, Neutral Bay

Allpress coffee. At first glance, this appears to be a sandwich shop with some outdoor seating, but step inside, and you’ll see a fully-fledged café/sandwich bar with a peaceful, well-lit upstairs lounge and dining area.

Staff are friendly and efficient, food choices are healthy, and the place is equally suited to relaxing with friends, or a low-key business meeting.

Coffee takes a little while to arrive, but is pleasant and well made: I haven’t had an Allpress coffee for a while, and it’s good to be reacquainted with it.