Fig and bean takeaway cafe, sawtell

Peak coffee (roasted in port macquarie). First ave, sawtell: near the cinema. Outdoor furniture indoors, a range of fish-and-chip shop fare, along with some more fancy salads, gourmet pies and sushi options.

Coffee is ground to order, and takes a long while to arrive – there’s only one barista for the whole place, so he’s pretty busy. It’s a good, but not great cup.

As a place to write, this isn’t quite right: the furniture isn’t designed for long sitting stretches.

Coast bar & café, Port Macquarie

Peak coffee. Only a handful of Norfolk pines and the occasional car interrupt the view of the ocean: a gentle breeze drifts across the outdoor tables.

Service is relaxed and friendly: as it should be, given the food prices: despite the lack of tablecloths, this is an establishment with a restaurant price-point.

Coffee (decaf) is pretty good; it’s inoffensive, a soothing mid-afternoon cup. A worthy place to pause and take in the scenery.