Coast bar & café, Port Macquarie

Peak coffee. Only a handful of Norfolk pines and the occasional car interrupt the view of the ocean: a gentle breeze drifts across the outdoor tables.

Service is relaxed and friendly: as it should be, given the food prices: despite the lack of tablecloths, this is an establishment with a restaurant price-point.

Coffee (decaf) is pretty good; it’s inoffensive, a soothing mid-afternoon cup. A worthy place to pause and take in the scenery.

Café Buzz, Port Macquarie

Café buzz coffee. Located in one of port’s many food courts, this seems to be the destination for serious coffee drinkers. Food prices are comparable to sydney, and there’s a range of coffee related equipment on sale, including the rancilio rocky grinder.

If you’re looking for the kind of delicatessen treats that you find on food tourism trips – shortbread, cordials and jams, hibiscus flowers – this is the place.

Coffee takes a long, long while to arrive: the twenty tables are quite busy with the mid-morning rush, but still: this is a long wait. A chocolate coated coffee bean adorns the teaspoon when the drinks are brought out. The coffee itself is well above average, smooth, good temperature. The blend has a simple, direct flavour without too much ornament.