500 cafe review posts in 1,658 days!

A little milestone for the blog here: tonight I posted my 500th cafe review post.

It all started with the little but great Seed Cafe (now closed) at Wynyard back on February 10, 2006 with my trusty old i-Mate K-JAM. Since then I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 3G, become a father, switched to decaf, and changed jobs twice.

It’s mostly been clear sailing: I’ve had one cafe owner ask me to take a post down (and I complied), and one ask me not to take a photo. I’ve been recognised only a few times, which suits me just fine: – I’m happy to review with as much anonymity as I can muster.

Quite a few of the cafes I’ve reviewed have changed management, or type of coffee, or closed down since reviewing them, and there have been a couple of cafes I’ve reviewed twice, but it’s been a lot of fun forcing myself to go to out-of-the-way spots in search of a good coffee (more recently a good decaf).

And the list goes on: there are still a few more on my “to-visit” list, and plenty more to explore.

Is there anything in particular you’d like me to add to my normal review “template”? At the moment, I try to cover

  • brand of coffee
  • address of cafe
  • rough description of cafe
  • description of the coffee – usually a decaf latte these days
  • something good about the cafe

Am I missing anything? What’s your favourite cafe?

you might have seen me at…

Thanks to Jenius for adding me to the top 100 australian food twitterers list – I’ve been wondering for a while if cafe reviews fit the criteria of a food blog or not, but I guess they (kind of) do.

Thanks also to Gavin for adding this series of random thoughts to his blogroll – I met Gavin through coffee mornings, and continue to be amazed by his generosity of time, and the insights he continues to share on his blog. If you’re at all curious about digital marketing, you should be reading his blog.

ads on the blog

I recently signed up with Nuffnang blog network, in an attempt to try and bring a small amount of money in from all the time I keep pouring into the site. Imagine my surprise when they sent me out a box with some product samples in it, and a welcome letter – all before they’ve even served any ads on the site!

They seem to be very different to other online advertising options I’ve looked at, in that they’re trying to reach out to the bloggers in their network. If you’re thinking about selling out, I would have a look at what they do.

another relatively painless upgrade

After ignoring the last couple of dot point releases, I’ve upgraded the site to WordPress 2.8.4. If you’re running a self-hosted WordPress installation, you may be seeing the security warnings running around the place (notably Scoble) that suggest an upgrade is worth doing.

Better safe than sorry, perhaps?

You’ll also notice I’ve kept a fairly stark default WordPress | Thesis kind of look to the site – any suggestions for a different look? At the moment, I’m enjoying the way that the cafe images are the focus of the page, but perhaps you’d like to see something else instead / as well?

nothing to see

A bit of mucking around and I’ve updated the blog to the latest version of WordPress (which went astonishingly smoothly) and changed the theme to be a very rough-and-ready version of Thesis. The theme will evolve a little more over the coming weeks to gather a little more personality, of course, but this is a marker post so that I can tell when this, the most recent change of theme occurred.