Le Pain Quotidien, Bondi Junction

Le Pain quotidien, Bondi Junction
Neoma organic coffee. Level 4, Oxford St bridge Bondi junction Westfield.

Despite the somewhat painful antics of the well-to-do patrons ahead of me in the queue, the wait is bearable. Seating for around 40, including communal tables on either side, is provided overlooking Oxford St, and there are wine and cheese tastings every thursday at 4pm, for $10 per head.

On the Sunday lunch shift there are 10 staff working away, including 2 on the coffee machine. There’s a decaf grinder, but instead, the decaf is sourced from an open takeaway container, so I’m not optimistic about the flavour.

Sure enough, milk dominated and lacking in flavour: if anything, the shot itself is watery.

Great range of breads and pastries, but the decaf is to be avoided.

Heart of Europe, Bondi Junction

Heart of Europe, bondi junction

Numero Uno Coffee. 114 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction. Recommended by a friend, we pull up to this unassuming shop-front and take a seat. The menu has a lot of eastern european flavours – goulash, soups, a ruben sandwich, a salad with smoked pork and other recipes I’m unfamiliar with. I settle on the smoked pork and pear salad, which is fantastic: the food here is really good.

Coffee (yes, another decaf latte) is milky, and very pleasant. A great place to stop for lunch and a coffee.

The loft café, Bondi Junction

Caffe musetti coffee. In an enviable location within bondi junction westfield, this is a place to take a break from designer shopping and catch your breath. Order at the counter and take a table number back to your choice of couches, stools or even outdoor table and chairs.

Coffee is a while in coming, but arrives at the table complete with an individually wrapped chocolate coated coffee bean: i’ve never seen them individually wrapped before! The lattes are better with full-cream milk: the skim comes out a bit flat, muting the flavour of the coffee, but still keeps a good aftertaste.

Sugar Café, Bondi Junction

Grinders coffee. Light green inside and outside, with the background music just too soft to drown out the conversation, the general vibe of this converted house is relaxed. Staff are immaculately dressed, and focussed, perhaps, rather than friendly.

Opposite the nelson hotel, i’m sitting inside on a wooden table, overlooking a group of cyclists as they enjoy the morning sun.

Coffee arrives promptly, and, though it’s a good temperature, the texture leaves a bit to be desired; it’s not the best flavour i’ve had from a grinders coffee either. On the plus side, this place caters to those with food allergies, even offerong coeliac bread.