Single Origin Roasters Mothership, Botany

Single Origin Roasters Mothership, Botany

Single Origin Roasters. 28B Cranbrook St, Botany. I’ve been going to the original Single Origin Roasters shop for at least eight years, and it’s evolved a lot in that time – growing, spawning an extra cafe just for selling takeaway coffees, and moving its roaster off-site.

This new store represents their latest development, bringing their signature approach to food and coffee sales to some spec at the front of their roastery. When we arrive on a rainy day, it’s near empty, but by the time we leave, it’s filled up.

Single Origin Roasters Mothership, Botany

Food and coffee are to the usual high standard, though the prices are also premium. Worth a visit.

Croquembouche patisserie, botany

Numero uno coffee. 1635 Botany rd, botany. An unlikely location for a patisserie with na obvious commitment to high quality food, and where the coffee comes highly recommended. The glass walls work impressively to keep the noise out: the outside tables suffer from the noise of traffic.

Coffee is quite ok, but not spectacular: a good temperature, with something of a massive head of foam on top.

More a place to gossip and enjoy than somewhere to accomplish any serious writing.