Eurofresh Cafe, Burwood

Eurofresh cafe, Burwood

Aroma coffee. 56 Railway Pde, Burwood. When you walk into this place, it seems like every other cafe that is built into the lobby of an office building. The seating, the Coke-fridge, all the little touches.

The coffee, though, is surprisingly good: if you find yourself walking from Strathfield to Burwood, stay on the south side of the railway line and try it out!

The Coffee Emporium, Burwood

The coffee emporium, burwood

Nonos coffee. Burwood Rd, Burwood. A newish franchise, that started at Bankstown and now has 12 Sydney locations and a planned expansion to Melbourne on their horizon.

Inside it’s strikingly similar to Gloria Jeans, though with a greater sense of tidiness and sophistication.

Coffee is really good: the decaf is smooth, slightly complex, and the right temperature for immediate consumption. Arguably the best in Burwood.

Sapori Di Roma, Burwood

Sapori Di Roma - burwood

Schibello Coffee. 117 Burwood Rd Burwood. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Amazing, delicate pastries, a comfortable, well-apointed interior, and the kitchen dominated by a pizza oven. Open for dinner only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, there are pizza slices and other delicacies on sale the rest of the week.

The decaf is pre-ground, and the coffee is served thick and hot – really hot, giving me a chance to try the complimentary biscotti that comes with each cup. Overall, not the best cup I’ve had (decaf doesn’t appear to be their focus), but rather this appears to be a worthy venue for a lunch or dinner.

Mon-Thurs: 7am-6pm
Fri: 7am-10pm

Bar Veloce, Burwood

Vittoria coffee. 15a/127 Burwood Rd, Burwood. Murray Arcade (the arcade between Burwood Rd and Burwood Plaza). I must have walked past here dozens of times in the 10 months since this cafe opened, but today I thought I’d try it out. Lots of daylight gives this well presented cafe a cheery air. All the usual suspects are on the menu, and there’s even a Turkish toast with ricotta and honey.

Pricing doesn’t make sense to me – the regular coffee is $2.80, but
the large is $4.00 – too big a gap, I think. Add another 50c for
decaf, and it’s getting expensive!

Gratifyingly, it’s worth it. Despite (update: the decaf) being pre-ground, it’s a sweet, balanced cup. Not bad at all.

George St cafe, Burwood

Mokador Coffee. 26 George St, Burwood. near the train station, this is a cafe with a big sandwich bar, and a good range of breakfast options from the bay marie, and the staff are helpful, and suggest options.

The decaf comes pre-ground in a translucent container, and – though the first few sips are not great – eventually turns into an acceptable cup.

Achieves what it sets out to do well: it’s a good place to sit and catch up with friends: there’s space between the tables, and the staff are friendly and polite.

Café senso unico, burwood

Grinders coffee. 51 George St, Burwood. No discernable signage here, across the road from the EDS building, but this terrace house has been converted into a café with impressively fast service.

The coffee is ok: you can do much worse in burwood, but it’s away from the main street and traffic: a welcome repite from the crowded, overdeveloped centre of town. Prices are very reasonable, too: you can even get a takeaway coffee for $2!

Sandwich Scene, Burwood Plaza, Burwood

Santos coffee. Helpful staff, but not as inexpensive as i’d hoped. Mostly a sandwich bar,adjacent to a food court, this place nonetheless has its own seating. The plaza is probably in need of some interior redesign, being the poor cousin to Westfield on the other side of the tracks.

Table service, without taking a number back to the table.

Coffee is made promptly, it’s hot, but still drinkable, and there’s no bitterness. A pleasant surprise. 6.5/10

Café Bello, Burwood

Piazza d’oro coffee. 100 Burwood Rd, Burwood. A Burwood institution; fairly high prices, largely due to its Vurwood-road-but-in-Westfield location. Normally I’m scared away by a breakfast menu where the meals include chips, and indeed this is a reflection of the target demographic – the whole family, including the older generation.

There are booths and tables, the menu has generous serving sizes, and even when crowded, it’s still fairly quiet. Staff are friendly and efficient – taking note of when customers are ready to order.

Coffee – the lattes are served in the tall glasses that have a handle – has a thick head of froth, and has a bit of that metallic taste on first sample. There’s no buzz of the grinder, either. Overall, a good job on the milk, but the shot itself is disappointing.