runcible spoon, camperdown

Golden Cobra Coffee. 27 Barr St, Camperdown. Hiding around the corner from Deus Ex Machina is this fun place with a straightforward menu and seating for about 30 between indoor and outdoor. It’s order and pay at the counter, and there’s eftpos.

runcible spoon, camperdown

We arrive too late in the day to see the full menu offering in the cake window, but there are still plenty of tasty choices. There’s a good all-day breakfast menu with a range of eggs-and-bacon options. For more menu coverage, see this review, which is how I heard of the cafe in the first place.

where the magic happens, runcible spoon, camperdown

Coffee (a decaf latte) looks fantastic – great milk work and good flavour to start with. The finish is a little disappointing, but in general it’s a solid cup.

decaf latte, runcible spoon, camperdown

If you’re looking for a cheery place to have a meal in an underexplored part of Sydney that’s not too far from Newtown or Glebe it’s worth a look.


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Store Espresso, Camperdown

Store Espresso, Camperdown

Euroblend coffee. 17 Fowler St, Camperdown. Old general store, converted into a beautiful cafe space. Light timber touches. Fresh flowers on the table. Soft music piped in, and a lovely display of product on the shelves. It’s the little touches that make a difference – the wallpaper has real character.

amazing wallpaper - store espresso, camperdown

Mains around $10, biscotti around the $3-4 mark. Water for the regulars, served in big jugs with freshly sliced lemon.

interior - store espresso, camperdown

Large communal table seats 15, and that’s the only seating option – a development application in the window suggests hope for outdoor seating soon. Blankets are available for those who want to relax in the park across the street.

orderly product display - store espresso, camperdown

No sign of a decaf grinder, the coffees are churned out really fast, which is a positive for those in a hurry. Coffee is a little floury in texture, but is otherwise fine.

Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Di Lorenzo coffee. 98-102 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown. Quite a fancy (read, Eastern suburbs chic) place for a cafe that is an add-on to a custom motorcycle (and merchandise) store. Somehow, they manage to keep the smell of (mechanical) grease outside of the cafe – no mean feat in itself!

The interior has a feeling of space thanks to the high ceilings, and despite the TV in one corner playing The Dark Knight, it’s largely a space that facilitates conversation and taking the time to appreciate the high quality (with a price to match) food that’s on offer. The food service on this weekday lunchtime is fairly slow – expect a 15-20 minute wait for anything that isn’t pre-prepared from the window.

The coffee is far more reasonably priced, and prepared more swiftly. It’s the standard Di Lorenzo fare: pleasant enough, with a thick, foamy milk head, and is certainly a worthy accompaniment to the tasty food menu.