Piccolo to go espresso bar, Coffs Harbour

Di bella espresso coffee. Level 2 stage area, palms shopping, Coffs Harbour. A few stools and a couple of benches face the espresso bar; a Rancilio machine and a couple of mazza grinders – one for each of the house blends – show that this is a place where serious coffee can be found.

Sadly, there’s no decaf grinder, but even the decaf, complete with latte art in the takeaway cups, provides a taste of quality in a town not renowned for its coffee.

Biggles airport lounge, coffs harbour

Vittoria coffee. Typical of the use of space in a regional terminal, this place sells wine and spirits, newspapers, magazines, cards and souvenirs. There’s a food court area where customers and travellers alike can eat, and there’s even limited table service.

Coffee is delivered promptly: it has thick foam, and tastes surprisingly good – better than you’d expect.