Lattecino deli express, Concord West

Lattecino deli express, concord west

Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 21a Victoria Ave, Concord West. Restaurant-level service is provided – better than you would expect in a cafe. As such, the prices are a little higher than you might hope: while you can get a takeaway wrap for $6, if you eat in, the price goes up to $8. The lunch specials vary between $16 and $22, but as they’re targeting the showy-lunch-for-office-worker demographic, this is still a reasonable price point.

Coffee is good: it’s well-made, sweet on first taste and then settles down to being a standard Manfredi.

If you’re visiting for the coffee – which is worthwhile in itself, you might like to try out the gelato that’s on offer: I was pushed for time, and so didn’t get a chance, but it looks excellent.

Open from 7am, except on Sundays (8am).

Three Spoons, Concord West

Three spoons, Concord West

About Dose coffee. 29 Victory Ave, Concord West. With its air conditioner, the little iPod Nano and speaker system playing tunes, and the variety of furniture this seems a good spot to pass some time, or take in some of the food that’s on offer. Sadly, I’m here only long enough to order a takeaway coffee and head on my way again, so I can only look around at the tables – young and old seem content here – and think about the promise of a future visit.

I haven’t heard of this blend of coffee before – about dose – but the decaf latte I have has been made from pre-ground beans, and tastes a little watery for the first few sips. In time, it settles down and becomes a perfectly adequate cup.

One thing I haven’t seen before for a cafe is a “making of” blog – though it looks like it’s been abandoned now, it gives some insights into the early days of opening a cafe.