Vann’s Café, Cremorne Point

Danes coffee. A little on the pricey side, as is typical for the northern suburbs, but the large coffee at $4 is truly a large coffee… More so than you would get in North Sydney.

The café is open plan, has some street frontage, and an interior that’s as friendly as any lounge room you might visit.

Coffee is made fast, freshly ground, and is tasty and a good temperature.

Oven, Cremorne Point

Paul Bassett coffee. 89 Parraween Street, Cremorne. A really unusual space, mostly wood, with a circular skylight in the middle. Crema milk is on offer, and there are a range of sandwiches and sweets for sale too.

A friendly, efficient barista is at work behind the counter, and another waitress is also at work in the kitchen.

Coffee takes a little while – there’s a queue due to the popularity of the place – but it’s really good. Slightly sweet, hot and a little thin, but the lastng impression is of great coffee; it’s no wonder most of the customers were ordering seconds!