Simmone Logue, Double Bay

Karmee Coffee. 2 Cross St, Double Bay. A combination of a deli and bakery, this place too is crowded on a Sunday. Queuing at the counter gives you a chance to watch the staff interact: even when the pressure is on, they’re professional, and handle the varying temperaments of their customers.

Coffee takes a few minutes to come together, it’s well made and slightly sweet.

Bar Indigo, Double Bay

Bar Indigo Blend (roasted by Single Origin). 15 Cross St, Double Bay. With seating inside, and in the traffic island in the middle of the street, this place seems busy all Sunday long. They make up for their 5-8 minute wait for a takeaway coffee, though, by being honest about the time it will take for the order to arrive. Yes, this is an upmarket suburb in Sydney – the store across the way that recommended the place charged me more for a greeting card than I ever thought I’d pay – but this cafe is quite reasonably priced.

The decaf latte has a good texture, and is neither bitter nor sweet. It’s the standard decaf that Single Origin make. If you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s worth a visit.