Dear Delicious, Dulwich Hill

Dear Delicious, Dulwich Hill

Dear Delicious coffee. 245 Wardell Rd, Dulwich Hill (near the train station). Found this one via Google – I thought someone had mentioned a new place in Dulwich Hill, but I couldn’t remember much detail: sorry if you were the one who told me about it! Easy to find, and being a Sunday afternoon, relatively easy to find parking nearby. 

Where the magic happens - Dear Delicious, Dulwich Hill

We arrived near the end of the shift for the week, looking for a snack and some beverages. Sadly, this meant we were missing the core strength of the cafe: sustainably produced local foods – the plates on adjacent tables looked delicious, but that’s for another visit.

Dear Delicious, Dulwich Hill 

The chia pudding (with activated almonds, sugar coated chia seeds, and macerated strawberries), though, was delicious: great blend of textures and flavours. I wasn’t as sure about my own first choice of beverage: the mug of cocoa nibs and vanilla was a bit too subtle for my ageing palette: for what I was after, I think I should have ordered the hot chocolate!

The cold drip coffee was well put together – the flavours coming through well: it’s a small rig near the counter, the waitress looking across to see if there was any available.

Flat white: Dear Delicious, Dulwich Hill

Coffee itself is pleasant enough: the flat white was perfectly fine, well presented. A worthy option in the Dulwich Hill scene.

Sideways Deli Cafe, Dulwich Hill

Sideways deli cafe, dulwich hill

Di Lorenzo coffee. 37 Constitution Rd, Dulwich Hill. Located literally on a roundabout, this place has a busy "neighbourhood hub" feel to it. There are families, prams and babies, most age ranges are represented. The menu, though certainly not the cheapest in Sydney is great food, really generously portioned: it’s worth a visit just for the food.

The coffee is perfectly adequate: a complimentary “tiny teddy” biscuit comes out with each cup to provide a little extra character. It’s well made, a good temperature, but doesn’t stand out.

Overall, it’s the friendly and helpful staff, and the top-notch food that makes this place worth a visit.

Sideways Deli Cafe website

Art of Coffee, Dulwich Hill

Art of coffee, dulwich hill

Whole bean coffee (roasted in Petersham). 370 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill. A new apprarance in a suburb unfamiliar to me, this place has a relaxed interior feel: a range of furniture that would fit in a baby boomer’s first home.

Grey interior walls, art for sale.

Coffee – the decaf isn’t being delivered until Saturday, so I’m trying a weak piccolo latte – is good: no bitterness, hot from the machine and then calming down to some easy drinking.

The owner – Jackson – is friendly and up for a chat: he knows what he’s doing behind the machine.