Eden’s Gourmet Cafe, Eden

Cosmorex coffee. With a deep burgundy colour scheme inside, and matching chairs (burgundy vinyl), this café has a slight vibe of a waiting room about it. It escapes this, though with a display of artwork on the walls, and a view of the ocean out the ample windows.

Coffee is made promptly, and arrives in the kind of glass that seems de rigeur for the sapphire coast: a glass teacup with a metal handle affixed via the base. The coffee itself is very hot, but not bitter. Once it’s cooled down, it’s a pleasant cup indeed; better than most holiday coffees on offer.

Fare “n” Square, Eden

Witham’s coffee. The best place to escape the flies in Eden is indoors, which is something that this café had to offer. On the edge of town, away from the beach, it has a lounge room feel apart from the loud radio that drifts across the indoor space.

The grinder runs as the coffee is being poured; this would limit the freshness of the coffee somewhat.

Coffee arrives moments ahead of the food order, so the delay is no indication of the pace of the café. It’s another latte where the shot has been layered atop the foamed milk, and somehow, this mutes the flavour of the coffee, making it inoffensive if not downright pleasant.