Bite Cafe, Eveleigh Markets

Bite cafe, eveleigh markets

Calima coffee. Eveleigh Markets – Saturday mornings 8am-1pm, 243 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW. Until only a couple of weeks ago, this was a coffee cart, and was serving Allpress coffee. Imagine my surprise to see it transformed: a new coffee machine, and a new blend of coffee await. I take the risk, and order a decaf latte. There’s quite a crowd waiting, and it’s awkward making smalltalk with the other visitors to the stall. Parents juggle their children: locals in search of their groceries wait silently.

Finally my coffee is ready, and it’s good: the flavour is not strong, but the pre-ground decaf hasn’t been completely drowned out by the milk: it’s safe to say that this is worth grabbing as you walk around the other stalls and look at – and sample – some fresh produce.

A tip: arrive early in the day (the market opens at 8am) to make sure this stall doesn’t run out of coffee: by lunchtime, it’s quite possible that there will be nothing left!