Kosmopolitan cafe, Hurstville

kosmopolitan cafe, hurstville

Toby’s Estate Coffee. 65A Gloucester Rd, Hurstville. This place – well outside the main shops of Hurstville – has that relaxing lounge room feeling that tends to be absent in the heart of a Westfield.

kosompolitan cafe - seating at the back, Hurstville

The walls are lined with pictures of various famous places and buildings, enough to provide a talking point for a conversation with a new acquaintance. 

Kosmopolitan Cafe, Hurstville

Coffee is well made: ground to order (even the decaf) and the milk-work is quite good. Worth a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood.

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Oregano Bakery, South Hurstville

Oregano Bakery, South Hurstville

Caffe di Gabriel. 56 Connells Point Rd, South Hurstville. Doing an excellent job on an upmarket version of Lebanese pizza (the meat pizza is crispy, the Zatar is generously flavoured), their real strength is in the scrolls, where a range of flavours are on display. I try the Tahini scroll, which is a delightful mix of sweet and savoury.

Oregano Bakery, South Hurstville

Coffee is really good: the decaf is fresh ground and the milk work is excellent. This is a great spot to sit down and enjoy the passing of time. It’s a little more pricey than the usual, but the quality justifies it. Recommended.


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Diamond Cafe, Hurstville

Diamond Cafe, Hurstville

Mokador Coffee. Shop 4, 1 Diment St Hurstville. Formerly “Espresso Lane” this cafe is now an unusual combination of a chinese restaurant and a cafe. The menu is as broad as it gets, I think: you can get standard toast / eggs / big breakfast combinations, but also a range of different Asian cuisine, and even (tapioca) pearl drinks!

Coffee is surprisingly good: the decaf is preground, but has a pleasant flavour, and a good balance between the milk and coffee.

Open from 6am each day, this place would make a great stop before heading up to Hurstville train station, if that’s your daily commute.

Chatz corner, hurstville

Caffe migliore coffee. Next to a tiny park: more like a patch of grass, really, is this hurstville institution. Salad bar, snacks, sandwiches, and coffee, and a place to sit outdoors – a rare treat in this town. Staff are enthusiastic and happy, though they don’t get my order exactly right.

Coffee is as you would expect: the decaf is stored in a clear plastic container, so it’s not the freshest, even for pre-ground. Though I order a latte, they give me a cappucino, so the chocolate dust masks much of the flavour. Not too bad.

Boxa bar, hurstville

Schibello coffee. Concrete floor inside, pavers outside with a few extra seats: a pleasant spot for a coffee, if you can get past the widescreen TV on the wall that is always broadcasting sport.

Coffee takes a while, the large coffee is very large. Not too bad, though the first sip is a high-point. A little thin, but amply drinkable.

Update: June 16, 2009. Revisited this cafe at the suggestion of a reader: the place has been reworked considerably: there’s still a strong boxing theme, including framed photos of Anthony Mundine, and other boxers. The TV now seems less intrusive – it seems to be mounted higher on the wall, and the volume down from previous visits.

I couldn’t actually see a menu on the tables or behind the counter, but I’m told that the menu has been simplified: there were a few tasty-sounding specials written up on a blackboard in one corner.

The biggest improvement was the coffee: I wasn’t expecting a great deal from the decaf, given that there’s no dedicated grinder, but it was really good: just a hint of sweetness on top of an otherwise pleasant cup.

Worth a re-visit.