Pacific magazines cafe, McMahons Point

Morgan’s coffee. This is really the staff canteen of the publishing house, but it’s open to anyone who cares to visit. A range of healthy lunch options, and a lot of magazine covers adorn the walls.

The decaf is ground to order, and has some sweetness to it, and even some complexity – what are the odds? Even for a takeaway cup, the attention to detail on the milk is impressive. Truly a diamond in the rough.

Café la vita, McMahons Point

Grinders coffee. Right on blues point road, there’s a choice of outside and inside tables. Comfortable seats, water is provided without asking.

Coffee is the Giancarlo blend of Grinders, and it’s a while in being brought out. Typical Grinders fare; well made, good temperature; the whole experience was just a little pricey, though.

The Point Deli, McMahon’s Point

Grinders coffee. Corner of blues point rd and french st, this converted house features a delicatessen, a mini bakery, and a sandwich bar.

There’s a big queue for lunch: visit in the afternoon or the morning, would be my advice.

If you need sugar, the staff will whisk it away and add the sugar for you. Coffee is well made, drinkable temperature, and – though not spectacular – is pleasant enough.

Update: as requested, a new photo. I look forward to trying the coffee at the Mitchell St cafe.