Two Brothers cafe, Milsons Point

Paul Bassett coffee. 55 Lavender St, Milsons Point. A truly beautiful spot for a cafe – on a still day, you can sit outside, and look at Sydney harbour. The interior of the cafe doesn’t disappoint either: the indoor space is split between a modern kitchen, and a lucky few tables and chairs. The two brothers spend their time working here, and in their another cafe – Oven, over at Cremorne Point.

Coffee – I end up with a weak latte as the weekend patrons have decimated the supply of decaf – is really pleasant. There’s latte art, it’s not too milky, and the flavour is a worth compliment to the sandwich that I have.

It’s a little pricey, but when you factor in that a 3 bedroom unit in the building above the cafe rents at around $1800 per week, you can understand the need to pay a little extra. Open on weekends too.

Think café, milsons point.

Primo coffee. I’ve often walked past this galley-style cafe: kitchen down one wall, seating down the other side. There’s art on the walls, and classical music playing (though the noise of coffee-making drowns it out some of the time).

Coffee is very hot, and though it starts out a little worrying, ends up quite drinkable: a pleasant surprise.

Looks like it would be a good spot to sit and read the paper.

Ripples, Milsons Point

Karmee coffee. North Sydney Olympic Pool, Olympic Drive, Milsons Point. Immediate views of the Sydney Opera House, and the underneath of the Harbour Bridge: to order a takeaway coffee is to stand at the “please wait to be seated” sign, and a polite, formal, yet friendly waiter is business casual attire takes the order and the money.

A gentle breeze takes the heat out of a summer’s day, and the diners enjoy the benefit of big umbrellas. There are seats and – for those on the outside of the tables, cushions on a sandstone wall. The food is strictly restaurant-grade: mains are mostly in the upper twenties, even at lunch!

Coffee is neither fast nor particularly slow in its arrival, a little thin, fairly strong, but for some reason the flavour doesn’t leap out at me: it’s not an unpleasant cup, but not an immediate favourite.

Alfie’s on Alfred, Milsons Point.

Schibello coffee. Part sandwich bar, part café. Has a backyard / garden courtyard, closed today due to inclement weather.

Coffee machine is a san marimo: I haven’t seen its like – faux wood panelling! Coffee itself is a pleasant surprise: no bad aftertaste, good temperature and strength! Make sure you try the grilled chicken kebab: very tasty.