The Source espresso bar, Mosman.

St Ali Coffee (won the Age award for best coffee in melbourne). 914 Military Rd Mosman. Food floors, and even a wood feature wall with the sense of style that you would expect of a mosman café. Coffee is ground-to-order, and the neatly uniformed staff bring out the coffees with a sense of formality.

It seems that order-and-pay-at-counter is their preference; I didn’t notice a sign to that effect, though. Water is self-serve from one corner, and there’s a choice of communal table, high tables, benches and traditional seats: overall, seating for about 25 people.

Soft music plays over the noise of coffees being made, drowning out the conversations across the way.

Coffee is good. They know their latte art, the milk work is great, and a smooth, slightly complex flavour with a good finish. They do a good decaf, too.

Thanks to the reader who recommended this one!

Bacino espresso bar, Mosman

Little italy coffee. Very italian, from the sambucca bottle high up on the shelves, to the choice of biscotti and pastries. Staff are friendly and efficient., and despite its tiny size, there’s a queue for the coffee.

Coffee is a good temperature and texture; some mild acidity; reminicent of grinders. The espresso, though, is light and bright: a thin crema, but sweet, without bitterness. A pleasant surprise.

Certainly a cheery place to pass some time.

The Avenue café and espresso bar, Mosman

Mokador coffee. 185-187 Avenue Road Mosman. Sinatra music is softly piped into this cheery wood-lined space. Dark chocolate colour scheme, friendly staff, locals enjoying breakfast. Not cheap – the big breakfast weighs in at $16.50, but that includes juice and coffee.

Coffee is the right temperature, but the aroma is straw-like; it has that sense of floury taste that I’m sadly not a fan of. It’s a shame; as a place to spend time, it’s very pleasant.

Bertoni Café, Mosman

Bertoni coffee. Next to the swimming centre; almost at Spit Junction, rather than at Mosman. Lots of space and natural light, and with a range of take-home Italian food to choose from. The cheery staff fill the room with a suitable level of enthusiasm.

Coffee takes a little while to arrive: there are two staff on, and a steady stream of customers. Coffee, while the latte art is good, was disappointing: not the pleasant cup I was expecting for the price – this is far from an affordable place to visit.

Swerve café, Mosman

Swerve house blend coffee. Has a little of the mosman attitude: there’s a sense of not being quite worthy – perhaps I’m too scruffy this morning. Four front-of-house staff, and a couple more out the back.

Coffee, despite two baristas and not too many customers – is a while in coming out. As it turns out, this is so the food and coffee arrive at once. Coffee is good – perhaps not the best in mosman, but distinctive, rich in flavour, and an excellent strength and texture.