Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

Brewtown Newtown

Brewtown coffee (they roast their own coffee on site). 6-8 O’Connell St, Sydney.

I never made it to Berkelouw Books in Newtown, though often meant to make the journey. Alas, I’ve left it too late, as it’s been replaced by a cafe. Around a six-week fit out to remove the shelves, bring in the fixtures and fittings as you see them.

Part of the wider trend in Sydney towards larger cafe hubs, like the grounds, kitchen by mike, and the Fountain St compound where Campos has its flagship store, this is a cafe on a grand scale.

Brewtown Newtown - interior

Sadly, if you want to see the place this empty, you’ll need to visit at opening time on a weekday somewhere near New Year’s Day – this is a very popular place, and deservedly so.

Brewtown Newtown - coffee cup

Here’s a decaf long black, which arrives at the table with even more crema. You’ll notice the branded cups – lending a sense of uniformity to the whole experience.

Brewtown Newtown - long black and syphon

The star of the show is the syphon bar – computer (Android tablet) controlled syphons that can be programmed in terms of water temperature and agitation. With all the decaf I drink, I haven’t had a lot of syphon coffee, but it’s a very clean way to drink coffee – there’s not much in the way of oil, and it’s delivered at a drinkable temperature.

Brewtown Newtown - corn beef hash

The food is really good. I’m a bit partial to corn beef hash, so I try it out. The eggs are really well poached, but I do prefer my corn beef to be melting apart a little more.

Brewtown Newtown - polenta

It’s the baked polenta that really shines. I don’t particularly like polenta, and yet this is irresistible.

Brewtown Newtown is doing great work. If you can head over there, you should make time to visit.

the pie tin, newtown

the pie tin, newtown

Eureka Coffee. 1 Brown St, Newtown. Walking around in search of an ATM after emptying my wallet at Eveleigh markets, it was time for breakfast. I was heading back towards satellite espresso when I spotted this place – one I’d never been to before. Perhaps it was the stroller I was pushing, but I didn’t notice any signage, but just happened to glance in the window at the right time.

interior - the pie tin, newtown

Step inside and you’re presented with a new-meets-old design. This building has a long history, and they’re keen to revel in it – the table numbers are attached to vintage pie tins. There’s the usual table-and-chair seating, plus a giant communal table and a broad variety of choices of pies (made on the premises – part of the kitchen can be seen when you’re standing at the counter). For breakfast, there’s really only one option: the breakfast pie has egg, chorizo, roasted tomatoes and boston beans and tasted fantastic – it certainly suggests good things about the non-breakfast pies (you can read more about the menu elsewhere)

philosophy - the pie tin, newtown

Cutlery is available, but optional – there’s a written encouragement to eat the pie with your hands, rather than make your meal more formal: fair enough, but some napkins on the table would have been welcome!

Coffee is well made – they have a decaf grinder, and they take their coffee seriously, but I’m left thinking that the main drawcard here is going to be the food, not the drinks. If you have a craving for pie, head over and try them out!


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Lite Bite, Newtown

Lite Bite, Newtown

Glinelli coffee. 67 King St, Newtown. Spotted this place (sadly, closed) when walking back from RPA towards work one day. It seems that they would do most of their business with takeaway customers for the bus stop at the front of the cafe, so when I visit on a Saturday it’s pretty quiet.

The focus is on the healthy, low-fat menu options – there are salads and sandwiches, smoothies (with yoghurt and honey) and a range of coffees on offer.

where the magic happens - Lite Bite, Newtown

The decaf latte is quite okay: there’s no decaf grinder – a sealed container sits near the coffee machine instead. There’s a thick head of foam on the top of the coffee, but it’s not an amazing cup.

One of those places where I wish I could try the caffeinated coffee instead. Anyone tried it and cares to comment?

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Sole espresso, Newtown

Sole espresso, Newtown

Single origin coffee. 13/330 King St, Newtown (near the train station). A range of different furniture options: gives a comfortable feel, like a lounge room away from home.

Very pleasant, well made decaf latte: the milk looks thin coming out of the jug, but the texture is fine. And they have a decaf grinder!

Well worth revisiting; perhaps to try the ample food menu.

Luxe Bakery, Newtown

Luxe bakery, Newtown
Single Origin coffee. 191 Missenden Rd, Newtown. Some skylights have been cut in the non-street-facing roof of this place. With the high ceilings, there’s a great sense of space. A big chalkboard in one corner tells the story of the high-ish prices – they’re clearly not after the student market.

If anything, there’s a sense that they are looking for is to capture the essence of an eastern suburbs bakery, and locate it just of the main street of Newtown. And they have succeeded: the decor and the food presentation are really top notch.

The staff are really friendly, confirming the details of the coffee orders before making them. On the downside, the coffee does take a long time to come together.

There’s a separate decaf grinder, which is great to see. As you would expect for a place next door to Campos, the coffee is really good. A little sweet, some notes of cocoa. It’s a pleasure to drink.

I haven’t tried the bread, or the other baked goods, but this place appears well worth a revisit.

menu at luxe bakery, newtown

range of offerings at luxe bakery, newtown

barista at luxe bakery, newtown

Black Star Pastry, Newtown

Black star pastry, newtown

Little marionette coffee. 277 Australia St, Newtown. I was first told about this place on twitter: they were recommended as “even better than Adriano Zumbo, but without the post-Masterchef queues”. Naturally, I added it to my to-visit list. Both times I’ve been here it’s been close to closing time, though during its main opening hours the place is generally quite crowded, with some stools out the front for the overflow.

The coffee is variable between good and excellent, depending on who is making it. They even have a decaf grinder, which is great news for me at least. There’s a complexity to the flavour that is too often lacking in decaf, and the milkwork is good too.

Where this place really shines, though, is in its pastries / desserts: they have really creative, gorgeous looking items that taste amazing. If you’re a dessert buff, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

one of the dessert windows at black star

ginger ninjas, black star

La Bahsa, Newtown

La bahsa, Newtown

Caffe Migliore coffee. 233 King St, Newtown. It’s perhaps unfair to call this place a cafe: first and foremost their specialty is Lebanese cuisine, and at the time of review I was only there to grab a late-evening decaf.

The decaf coffee here (there’s no decaf grinder) was a little weak: more like a glass of milk than a cup of coffee, but certainly pleasant enough as the coda to a meal.

cafe ism, Newtown

Cafe ism, newtown

Jack and the Bean coffee. 187 Wilson St, Newtown NSW 2042. I’ve driven past this cafe any number of times over the years – Wilson St is a little-known shortcut to bypass much of Newtown’s slow arterial rd – King St. Finally I manage to call in: there’s the usual Saturday morning crowd out for a coffee, or to catch up on some uni work: the tables are close together, and to get a takeaway coffee, it’s necessary to zig-zag up to the counter.

The decaf is pre-ground, sadly, but still has a pleasant flavour: it looks like a place worth multiple visits to sample the menu. I’ll be back!

Update (thanks /karen/): Hours: Mon: 7am-3pm, Tues-Fri 6:30am-4pm; Sat & Sun: 8:30am-4pm. Kitchen closes at 3pm every day.

Satellite espresso, Newtown

Coffee roaster coffee. Corner of brown and Wilson streets, Newtown. Muted red walls and the feel of a converted laundromat, this place is a great spot to while away a Saturday afternoon, listening to an old Beatles LP on the old stereo in the corner.

The menu has some great ideas: the yoghurt with fresh strawberries, vanilla syrup, macadamias and mint leaves on the all-day breakfast weighs in at $9, and is a great combination of flavours.

Coffee – again, a decaf latte, is perfectly drinkable, and well enough made: there’s no latte art, but that’s he down-to-earth nature of the place.

Pastizzi café, newtown

Numero uno coffee. 523 King St, Newtown. Wooden furniture, lots of natural light, and an impressively friendly owner combine to make a place that’s a pleasure to visit. Specializing in pastizzi, this café usually has options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Coffee is good too: separate grinder for decaf, and a good temeprature, well made latte with a well rounded palate.