Dolce espresso, Oatley

Schibello coffee. 18 letitia st, oatley. The first thing that strikes you as you enter this indoor/outdoor café is how narrow the building is: so much seating, and a sense of luxury and space is created in a building that is an odd shape. Staff are unintrusive, even with the regulars, who obviously feel welcome, but are there to chat amongst themselves. A good range of breakfast choices on the menu; a little pricey, but reasonable for Oatley.

Coffee is a bit on the stale side: there’s not much crema to be seen on the long black, and the decaf latte (20c extra for the latte, 40c extra for decaf) is drinkable, but not spectacular.

Dolce Espresso, Oatley

Tidz across the park, Oatley

Tidz coffee blend. 2/12 Oatley pde, Oatley. Wooden floor and furnture, seating about 30 between indoors and out. A range of soft drinks, including some organics, are in the fridge, and though I coukdn’t see a menu, there are certainly cakes and gelato.

Coffee is quite good: it’s good to see a place in the suburbs trying their own blend, instead of sticking with one of the big names. It was a bit too thin for my tastes, but consistent from first drop to last.

Tidz across the park, Oatley