Sloanes café, Paddington

Allpress espresso. Paved floor, large courtyard out the back, and cheery staff. Not a place for those in a hurry, but if you have some leisure time, a pleasant spot to spend some time.

Coffee is hot, but not too hot, and has all the hallmarks of well-made allpress.

As a writing destination, the lack of light may be an issue, but if you can find a table out the back, you’ll be well served with an environment in which to create.

Café Esco Bar, Paddington

Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 388 Oxford St, Paddington. Long, galley-style café on oxford St: also a licensed bar and restaurant. Metal tables, somewhat dim lighting, and slow service.

Once someone has spotted me, things improve remarkably; coffee is brought out swiftly, a menu too.

Coffee is fine tasting, drinkable temperature, and a little thin, but still enjoyable.