Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

Caffe Migliore Coffee. 156 Alma Rd, Padstow. Unless you’re quite familiar with Padstow, you’ll be unaware of a second group of shops, away from the train station, closer to the Padstow Heights part of the suburb. In this small batch of shops, a new building has emerged in the last year, and last week this cafe opened up, so I thought I’d have a look.

Where the magic happens - Caffe Due Amici, Padstow

The fit-out is a beautiful one – lots of concealed lighting – the green lights in the photo above were blue on my first visit, so this is some kind of coloured LED lighting. The menu is cheaper than I was expecting – you can sit in with sourdough toast and a long black for $8, but they have a full kitchen at the back and will prepare eggs or more complicated fare, and there’s the expected sweet treats on offer as well.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the coffee, but I’ve been enjoying it; it’s all ground to order, and my long black comes out with a healthy crema: a good sign indeed.

A welcome addition to the range of cafes in the area. Open 6am-5pm every day.

La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

Lavazza coffee. 9 Padstow Pde, Padstow. This casts the mind back to cafes of 10 years ago. Straightforward menu, laminated and spiral bound/ Tiled floor, simple, functional furniture.

The decaf, though, took me utterly by surprise. Not since a cafe up in Kew have I seen 30mL of instant coffee made up, and then foamed milk poured on top: there was no warning, either – it was just “here’s your decaf latte” it made me feel a little ambushed: should I drink it, or pour it out on general principle? Sure, it was only $2.50, and tasted better than some of the decaf coffees I’ve had, but there’s a sense that if you’re ordering a coffee from a cafe, then it’s not okay to be served instant coffee with foam.

Nostimo mediterranean grill, padstow

Vittoria coffee. A newcomer to the tiny café scene in padstow, it’s a space with a modern, elegant design. The breakfast and lunch prices are very reasonable; an omelette is up for grabs for as little as $7, though the coffees range from $2.50 for an espresso to $3.40 for a mocha – an odd variance from their normal $3.25 for most coffee choices.

The coffees are served promptly, and come with a free mini biscuit. Though the decaf is pre-ground, and fetched from under the counter, it manages to be a bright cup with a reasonable flavour. A surprisingly good find overall.

Oh, and they have a website –

Vanilla bean and lime café, Padstow.

Karmee coffee. Opposite the train station. Lots of green in the décor inside:a slight breeze drifts through the shaded outdoor area, and a couple of fans do their best to create some airflow inside. Seating for about 40 people overall.

Tomorrow’s classic rock music is piped in quite loudly, and the staff seem friendly enough, able to deal with special requests cheerfully.

Coffee is good. Not too hot, a pleasant texture, and neither too strong nor too weak.

Tea is brought out in a Bodum plunger, for the tea drinkers.