Appetite Cafe, Redfern.

Appetite cafe, Redfern
Campos Coffee. 82 Regent St, Redfern. A really beautiful interior filled with furniture that clearly has a history, this is a place where you could certainly relax and enjoy the morning. A range of table sizes, even a large communal table with a big bunch of flowers in the centre. Prices are a little higher than I was expecting – a large takeaway decaf latte comes in at $4.10. Staff are really friendly and helpful.

Coffee was somewhat disappointing at first – there was a sense that the milk and coffee hadn’t combined quite correctly, and there was something of a thin texture to overcome. After a while, though, it settles down to being quite okay, though not the best Campos I’ve had. I would imagine that the caffeinated coffee is a better option.

Chai tea

Having noticed this Chai display, I’m curious to try their chai tea offering, too. Perhaps another time.