aslan coffee, st peters

Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Aslan Coffee. 1 Council St, St Peters. In a little corner shop next to Camdenville Park in St Peters you’ll see this unassuming space. A little bit of outdoor seating, and some well-branded signage lets pedestrians know they’re in the right spot, but I’ve managed to drive past a couple of times without realising, so pay attention to the map below if you’re going to visit by car. Full disclosure: I know the barista who works here.

Blackboard - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Walk through the door and you’ll notice this blackboard that tells a bit of the story of Aslan coffee. Their specialty is Indonesian single origin coffee, and they’re working on having a relationship with the farmers themselves. Note also that they have a foursquare special which can get you a discount on first check-in.

Tiny Roaster - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

As you step up to the machine, you’ll know they mean business with their coffee: two grinders and enough attention to detail to make sure you get the right spoon with the right cup for your order. Glance to your right and a tiny (2kg!) roaster is working away, turning single origin green beans from a hessian sack into their latest roasted offering. Establish yourself as a regular and you’ll have access to some very special coffees that will be hard to find elsewhere in Australia.

Where the magic happens - Aslan Coffee, St Peters

Coffee is really good. The decaf (a long black) has enough complexity to hold interest, and is very pleasant. A short black is a little grassy, and again has more to it than you might expect from a single origin.

Special mention to the babycino, which is a great mix of 90% froth, 10% milk, ready to drink, with a complimentary marshmallow.

Overall, it’s worth a visit – if it’s a pleasant day, they even have picnic blankets you can borrow and sit in the adjacent park.

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Sydney Park Kiosk, St Peters

sydney park kiosk, st peters

Schibello Coffee. Sydney Park, St Peters. Near a children’s playground, and next to a dog park, this is an outdoor spot with few parallels. You have the choice of sitting in the sun, or on the shade, there is plenty of scope for kids to run around, and a constant procession of (for the most part) well behaved dogs having the time of their lives.

Kiosk is the operative word – you won’t find tablecloths or fine cutlery here, but there’s a good range of treats for kids and grown-ups, and a steady supply of coffee.

Speaking of coffee – there’s no decaf grinder in sight – it’s quite well made: pleasant to look at, and pleasant tasting (if a little overfrothed on top).