Grumpy baker, waverton

Allpress coffee. A combination of bakery, gourmet food shop and café, this friendly place even has a space in the back for kids to play.

The music – classic hits – is a little loud for ambience, but it distracts nicely from the sound of traffic. Wide range of lunch options: sandwiches and pies, and a highly tempting cake selection.

Coffee is good: promptly made, good temperature for immediate drinking, and tastes good: especially for a decaf.

Witham’s coffee, waverton

Witham’s coffee. The smell of burned toast combines with a warm, slightly dark ambience inside, and a range of well-to-do locals outside. Staff are friendly to customers and each other, and a range of somewhat pricey food choices (we are in waverton, after all) compliment a serious range of coffees: this is something of a headquarters for the roaster, after all!

Coffee is a bit on the thin side, but immediately drinkable temperature. First sip not too promising, but improves if you stay with it.