Oliver’s food stop, Wyong

Allpress espresso coffee. The internet has spoken, and it has told the truth. This is indeed the better venue for coffee purchase at this roadside destination.

Coffee is ground to order, and, though there’s a huge head of foam at the top of the cup, the coffee itself is worthy of comparison to some of the cafes in sydney that i’ve frequented: far better than anything you might hope to get by the side of the road. I should mention that I had the decaf.

Coolabah Café, Wyong (southbound on the F3)

Chipiron mountain coffee. Yes, it’s a truck stop, but it’s clean, well-lit, and the food is actually quite good. Don’t be too put off that it shares its building with a McDonald’s, that’s par for the course

Coffee is made with an automatic machine for the shot, and then the milk is added. Surprisingly good, especially considering where we are, and the standards a café has to reach to sell coffee on the f3.

Update: Probably best to try Oliver’s instead: I think I caught them on an unusually good day.