resources for modern storytellers

Over on Medium is a list of 60 free tools for modern storytellers. Writing, websites, sources of payment, reporting, organisation, news updates, audio, video, images and resources; emails, social media, SEO.

It’s a good list, but the trouble with such a list is not knowing where to start. It’s a long journey between wanting to be a storyteller and actually having a successful online business. 

So bookmark the list, but start with the small things. Write one story. Put something out into the world. Don’t worry about having a 3-year master plan, just start simply.

17 Apps for Writers

Can you imagine 10 years ago being able to even find 17 Apps for Writers? Sometimes I wonder if this is a good thing: it leads to that kind of paralysis that comes from having too many options. What is your take on long lists of solutions for problems that you might not even have?

Having said that, I would recommend Tinderbox for ordering your thoughts, and your choice of word processor for writing them out.

on writing prose fiction

[ falling down ] ideas on writing better prose from famous writers.

When you pass a grocer sitting in front of his door, a concierge smoking his pipe, or a cab rank, show me that grocer, that concierge, their attitude, their physical appearance and by the skill of the picture you draw of them, their whole moral nature as well and do this in such a way that I cannot confuse them with any other grocer or concierge; and with a single word show me how one cab horse is different from the fifty others ahead or behind it.

The Perfect Gift for a Man

Earlier this year, I had the chance to participate in a writing project called – The Perfect Gift for a Man. It’s a collection of the work of 30 writers about what it might mean these days to be a man, with a view to raise money for a group who are actually doing something to help lower the suicide rate for Australian men.

You can buy the printed book from or you can purchase the eBook version from The Perfect Gift for a Man website.

ALL the profits from the book are being donated to The Inspire Foundation.

You can also find out more about the book and see our social media release here.

poe – a short story

Poe, the new iPod touch, sat down to play with the other toys.

One of the teddybears asked him if he wanted to play football. The teddybears loved to play football: they could run around all day, and if they fell over, all the better! Some of the teddybears were missing patches of fur – the captain of the football team even had a button sewed on where his eye used to be, but he was still one of the favourite toys.

“I couldn’t possibly play football,” said Poe, “I don’t want to get scratches on my screen! Surely you’d prefer to sit down, and listen to music?”

But the teddybears didn’t want to sit still and listen to music, so they ran off to play football.

A Lego spaceship swooped down from the table, and one of the Lego astronauts climbed out, and asked Poe if he wanted to play with the Lego.

“I couldn’t possibly play Lego,” said Poe, “I don’t know how to make things! Surely you’d prefer to sit down, and watch one of my videos?”

But the Lego astronaut didn’t want to watch a video, so he flew his spaceship back to his Lego base.

This happened a few times, and after a while, Poe started to worry. No-one wanted to watch videos with him, or listen to music: everyone wanted to talk or play, or run around.

“But I can’t play like that!”, cried Poe, “I need to stay shiny and new, or no-one will want me.”

The other toys stopped their playing. The teddybears said to Poe “You can play the music at half-time in our game.” The Lego astronaut came flew down and said “You can play your space videos at my Lego Base”.

Poe was excited. Finally, he could play with the other toys.