A Grand Day Out

Quite a busy day today – rather than spending time discussing a Christian book, and exploring Sydney for the best possible cafe breakfast around, I found myself travelling with my wife.

This doesn’t sound all that surprising, until you take into account her general inability to travel at the moment – at least until her back is a little better.

Imagine my surprise, then, to find that we were able to drive all the way to Katoomba. breakfast at Elephant Bean Cafe, afternoon tea at the Hydro Majestic. It’s good to be married, and to spend time with kel outside the house.

Spent some of the car trip home analysing my approach to a few different things: as usual, kel gave me a number of insights that I would never have spotted myself.

One of my personal projects for this year is to be more pro-active (a polite / corporate-speak form of “less lazy”).

I also managed to raise in various conversations most of the things that have been worrying me in the past few weeks: good progress, I think.

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