coffee festival 2005

coffee festival 2005

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Jonathan, Kel and I went to a rocks coffee festival that was smaller than previous years, but still solid in terms of the number of people attending.

It was hard work drinking my sixth coffee, but I think that was a good cross-section of the differnet coffees on offer. We tried Schibello, Karmee, Forsyths, Withams, Segafredo and Nonna coffees (in that order).

Sadly, the most disappointing was Withams, not least because it had the longest queue – they were the fastest in taking the money, but then you joined the end of a queue of coffee cups atop the espresso machine; after a 20-minute wait, I counted 30 cups on the top of the machine – people in the queue behind me, with a steady stream of new people being added!

From there, we caught the train back to my parents’ house, and then Kel and I headed to church. There’s something especially challenging about leading a church service after six coffees – the mantra of “slow down Dave, this has to be easy for people to follow” – the one I usually only use while preaching – I had to use just for speaking!

No-one seemed to mind. I had enough positive feedback about the service to know that it had been helpful, and matt preached a very solid sermon on 3 John, which probably distracted everyone from any shortcomings in the service itself.

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